Sunday, July 6, 2008

Timeless Creations

If you live in Fort Collins, have you been to this store? It is so fabulous! It is a mix between everything you could possibly want for creating unique art, and the coolest most eclectic
masterpieces you have ever seen by truly talented artists. What fun! We could spend hours perusing.
That isn't half of it though! You can take classes (pretty much any class you can dream up, they have) and hang out working on your own art there as well!
The ladies there are the kindest, most creative gals you could ever wish to meet, and very helpful as well!
Then there is the creative underground group! A chance to get to know ladies from all over the globe. Most excellent!
Then the cherry on top! The art swaps!! Faith & I just participated in our first one, and we are jumping out of our skin in anticipation of the final result! The past creations from the swaps are beyond words! Crazy cool!
Check out the Website!!

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